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Performance Plus

Performance Plus

Playing Hard Has It's Risks

You've worked hard for it and now you want to play hard with it, but it's a big investment both financially and emotionally. An investment worth protecting.

With Performance PLUS Protection you can use your vehicle without abusing it. Performance PLUS specialises in complete vehicle protection - inside and outside.

Positive protection for your vehicle is no easy task. Unless applied by highly trained professionals with the BEST products, the right tools and the necessary expertise you could eventually pay dearly for your vehicle 'protection'. Unfortunately, you won't know that it hasn't worked until it's too late.

All Performance PLUS products are covered by warranty and over 30 years excellence in automotive protection. Don't play rust proofing roulette with your new and precious investment.

Enduroshield - Paint Protection

Performance PLUS offers a Premium range of paint protection for your vehicle.

Enduroshield is a Total Paint Protection program, designed to protect the new vehicle's paintwork against oxidisation, corrosion, petrol, oil and detergents.

No wax or polish can protect or enhance a vehicle's paint like Performance PLUS Enduroshield Paint Protection. Paint surfaces are full of microscopic peaks and valleys reducing their gloss and collecting road and atmospheric grime.

Washing and hand cleaning prepare the painted surfaces.Imperfections, marks and scratches are then removed before the product is applied, bonding to the paint surface and smoothing out any remaining undulations, leaving a hard mirror-like finish.

The Performance PLUS Paint Protection chemical make up gives increased resistance to UV rays, strong detergents and acid rain, giving your vehicle a long lasting showroom shine without the need to polish.

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Performance PLUS Tint - Window Tinting

Performance PLUS Tint provides protective film that has been designed and constructed to the highest industry standards to provide optimum performance for your vehicle.

Performance PLUS Tint lets you control heat, fading and glare while bridging the gap between style and long lasting performance.

Performance PLUS Tint films are quick-drying and long-lasting: meaning you will be road-ready sooner and enjoying your travels for longer.

Performance PLUS Tint protective films are warranted against peeling, bubbling, cracking, demetallising and discolouring for as long as you own your car.

7 Reasons to have window film installed on your vehicle:

  • Decreases heat
  • Reduces fading
  • Diminishes health risks
  • Cuts hazardous glare
  • Increases safety & security
  • Enhances appearance
  • It's fast & easy

Reduces Heat
We all know how hot it gets when a car sits in the sun for an extended period of time. The solar control properties found in automotive window films greatly reduce the level of heat inside a car, providing more comfort for the driver and passengers. Additionally, this heat reduction will lead to better fuel efficiency because air conditioning is used less often.

Reduces Glare
The presence of glare while driving is not only distracting but dangerous. Window film minimises the level of annoying glare entering a car. This improves vision and safety, and reduces eye strain.

Blocks UV Rays
UV Rays from the sun can cause serious damage to skin and increase fading of interior car furnishings such as dashboards, seats, floor mats and stereo equipment. Automotive window films help reduce the level of interior fading and protects skin by blocking up to 99% of the sun's harmful UV rays.

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Fabshield - Fabric Protection

With Performance PLUS Fabric Protection your upholstery will retain its luxurious showroom look and feel, no matter what sort of punishment you throw or spill on it.

The product adheres to each individual fibre eliminating absorption of oil and water based stains including coffee. Simply clean up spills with a damp cloth. The product is odourless and nonflammable when dry, it will greatly extend the life of your vehicle's upholstery.

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PVL - Plastic, Vinyl & Leather Protection

Performance PLUS Plastic, Vinyl and Leather Protection coats and protects your vehicle's interior vinyl, plastic and leather surfaces.

It is a specialised emulsion containing silicon and plasticisers which rejuvenate and give treated surfaces added protection from shrinkage, cracking, splitting and discolouration caused by harmful effects of ultra violet light.

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